The 23rd of March

This is for him


It is getting hot, the summer season is getting near.

This day, I created this account, an account of gratitude, hate, revenge, love and everything. All.

Feeling the warmth as the sun touched every land in our place reminds me of something and someone.

Memories that filled my mind and sets it that the easiest thing to do is to forgive, how bout forget? Is it hard ? Like this heat, it’s hot because it is the season of summer.

Getting confused? Me too.

Just imagine this filled up memory. You love someone and she/he doesn’t love you back. Common, Typical and Normal. Yet, you can’t move on; realizing that you should be friends the all time and until the end.

I don’t know how I feel when I see your posts.

A feeling when you are telling yourself that you had moved on but not; telling yourself that it is about time yet you wanted to go back; telling yourself that you are happy yet jealous; telling yourself that “Hey guys! Look, ___ is happy now” yet you keep telling yourself that should be me.

This irritating heat is what you feel. You keep putting your sunblock to protect you from the effects of the sun but still, you feel the heat; every time.Still, you are affected.

You are pretending that “This season is awesome” – but still, it’s HOT. Freaking hot; that’s why during this sensation, you keep hiding inside the house just not to feel the heat.

You are pretending that it is okay but not. Fudge! I’m still in loved in your eyes.

Enjoy summer! They say. You should. Remember, this season is not forever.

Feel the heat.